National Syndicalists (Portugal).

The National Syndicalists - full name: Portuguese: Movimento Nacional-Sindicalista; English: National Syndicalist Movement - or MNS was a political movement that briefly flourished in Portugal in the 1930s. Stanley G. Payne defines them as a fascist. Salazar announced the dissolution of the group on July 29, 1934, condemning the group for its cult of youth, emphasis on leadership and mass organisation as he did so.
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Capa do livro “Camisas Azuis e Salazar - Rolão Preto e o Fascismo em Portugal”
Rolão Preto, o homem que queria ser a vanguarda da “revolução nacional”, a discursar num jantar-comício no Palácio de Cristal. Porto, 1933
'SALAZAR E OS FASCISTAS', de João Medina - Lisboa 1978
António Costa Pinto's book:" The Blue-Shirts, ideology, elites and fascist movements in Portugal (1914-1945).
Center, General Humberto Delgado presidential candidate from the opposition to the Salazar´s candidate at the 1958 elections. At his left, Francisco Rolão Preto. Despite his right-wing inclinations he never surrendered to Salazar´s regime offers.
The Blue Shirts.
F.Rolão Preto.
F.Rolão Preto book: "The Burgeois Treason".
F.Rolão Preto Texts: "Soul! Guiding Beacons".
Preto returned to Portugal in February 1935, and was detained after instigating a September rebellion with the crew of the Bartolomeu Dias and the garrison in the Lisbon-area Penha de França. Again exiled, he fought in the Spanish Civil War on Francisco Franco's side.

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