José Correia

José Correia

De bem com a vida......
José Correia
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bird cage, bird mansion, china hutch bird cage, canaries, red factor canary.

Pet Bird Cage Ideas: Make a fancy bird cage out of an old china cabinet for small birds like finches, budgies or love birds or parrotlets.

Curiosidades :: Porquinho da Índia

Curiosidades :: Porquinho da Índia -- this seems very small for one let alone three guinea pigs so if you are going to create something similar, please enlarge it to a greater scale. Your pet(s) need(s) space!

wood wall w built in seating, and wood slat room dividers.

It can be carried out in several methods and number of room dividers may be used. Plants, shelves or railings could also be utilised as dividers. Multifunctional dividers are excellent for saving space.


just a Space divider and ghost chairs. Another one where they put the long table up against the wall. Instead of chairs, have wall-hugging storage benches in an L-shape, with chairs on the 'living room' side and on the end for a big party.