The Secret Garden book cover design By Karl James Mountford

Made Up Books. A friend of mine was very kind to write me four synopsises so I could illustrate /design the covers of those books. We had a few long phone calls and Skype calls thinking of ideas and how it would look etc.

Word by word book cover jacket design handwritten typography dictionary

For the collection - This is a great concept with a super bold use of color. I love how they brought in the subtitle. The texture is pretty great as well, and I usually don't like busy design.

Peter Mendelsund‘s Kafka backlist, which we first told you about here, published by Schocken Books, 2011.

15 Gorgeous Book Cover Redesigns

Redesigned Kafka covers / Schocken Books / designer and art director: Peter…

THE DOG'S EAR BOOK (1958) Geoffrey Willans & Ronald Searle

Ronald Searle

The Dog's Ear Book / 1958 / Geoffrey Willans & Ronald Searle (illustrator)

'The Night Ocean' by Paul La Farge The Night Ocean follows the lives of some extraordinary people:

"Cover Story: The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge" by Carolyn Juris Publishers Weekly

Hang Art Low: Book Design by Snask | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

This gorgeous art book uses serif and sans serif fonts in all sizes, in various concentrations. Whether several or dozens of words on a page, font remains readable and guides our eyes effortlessly.

Peter and the Wolf, illustrated by Phoebe Morris. Use of negative space on the book cover.

Top 10 ótimos exemplos de uso do espaço negativo


The Sun: Our Nearest Star by Franklyn M. Branley, illustrated by Helen Borten