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Illustration for the Rosicrucian Order by JC Leyendecker, 1902. Watercolour and gouache on paperboard, 18 x 8"

Madonna & Child for the Rosicrucian Order by JC Leyendecker, The glorious and powerful presentation by the Madonna of the Child makes this especially moving.Joseph Christian Leyendecker de marzo de de julio de fue un famoso ilustrador de Estados Unidos,

ok hopefully this clears everything up for me (and possibly for anyone who doesnt get the complexities of the japanese clothing words... ugh)  Hakama is the red pants.... check!  kosode is the white top.... check!  Ko-uchigi is the overcoat that goes over the top of everything else. I've read that it's usually made of brocade.... CHECK.  And the hitoe is a type of Kimono that doesn’t have lining and is usually worn in the summer.... CHECK.   ....finally...

Experience traditional Japan: Junihitoe (twelve-layer robes), a type of clothing worn by aristocratic women during the Heian period.