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You'll often see lucky bamboo sold without soil. The stems may be submerged in water and pebbles, gravel, marbles, or even colorful gels. Bamboo is happiest when you keep the stems submerged in water. Bright, but indirect light is best, though lucky bamboo will tolerate low-light conditions (and grow slower in such places).   If your lucky bamboo outgrows its container, you can report the plant in regular potting mix for houseplants. Keep it evenly moist, but not wet.

Lucky bamboo benefits and how many sticks should you use for various reasons. This post will explain all things you want to know about lucky bamboo.

Vasinho com flor em bandeja espelhada para aparador

Crazy Chic Designs Bright and White, even at night! I love the brightness white textures bring to a space, day or night. Pillows, throws and accessories from HomeGoods.

Blanco Interiores: Cinzento

Blanco Interiores: Cinzento

Blanco Interiores: Cinzento

Blanco Interiores: Cinzento

20 idées pour revêtir de pierres le mur de la télé! Laissez-vous inspirer…

It is often believed that the advent of TV in our lives has set a distance in our lives and relationships. But with crafty use of the TV wall unit setup can ensure that this is not the case.

Caixas para organizar colocadas na volta do sofá ou na beira da cama.

Sala de estar integrada com sala de jantar, móvel aparador para traseira do sofá.