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William A Breakspeare (British, 1855-1914), "The mermaid"

I love this fairytale picture - a whole new world just opens up in your imagination. As if she just became a mermaid and is terrified by her fellow sea creatures at first. "The mermaid" - William a Breakespeare

MindMap what is Design thinking

Notes taken during “Design & Thinking” Berlin screening. I have especially enjoyed the presentation by Claudia Brückner, Newthinking and the “Interactive Session” by Service Design Berlin (Olga Scupin, Katrin Dribbisch, Martin Jordan, Manuel.

The Great Catering Company #identity #packaging #branding #marketing PD

Art Deco lettering with modern vibrant watercolor . Really fun branding for The Great Catering Company created by New Zealand-based Strategy Design & Advertising.

mind map with the outer circles color coded to correspond with the key

Increasing Productivity Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Business category. Check out Increasing Productivity now!