Gwyneth Paltrow's No-Fry Fries

Healthy Summer Side Dishes

Gwyneth Paltrow No-Fry Fries. Cut up your potatoes and place them in a bowl of cold water. Dry them off and toss them with olive oil, place them on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with sea salt, then bake at 450 for about 25 minutes, turning occasionally.

Best Hummus Recipe


Barefoot Contessa Hummus--I have yet to find a hummus recipe that turned out good. I'm wondering if the cheapo Kroger tahini I bought was the problem.anyone else have a good/bad experience making hummus?

Garlic and Herb Potato Wedges

Garlic and Herb Potato Wedges

Recipe- Garlic and Herb Potato Wedges: Serve w chili, sour cream or nacho cheese to dip.

Make Your Own Flavored Butters

Flavored Butters

Homemade flavored butter recipes - cranberry butter, fig butter, roasted red pepper butter, and garlic herb butter

Parmesan Oven Fries

Oven-Fried Fish and Parmesan Oven Wedges

Parmesan Oven Wedges Potato wedges baked until golden brown then tossed with Parmesan cheese and parsley.

Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes

Another creative and delicious recipe. Potatoes with garlic and cheese sounds amazing and the picture looks sooo tasty. If you are bored of the classic potatoes recipes, this is a new metod to cook potatoes. Easy to mak

Fried Cabbage with Bacon Onion and Garlic

Fried Cabbage w/ Bacon, Onion, and Garlic Absolutely delicious. Substitute the bacon for veggie!

Irresistible Baked Potato Chips

Irresistible Baked Potato Chips

Print Yum Irresistible Baked Potato Chips medium potatoes dried herbs (optional) extra virgin olive oil saltInstructionsPreheat the oven Wash, peel and slice the potatoes using a mandoline. After washing them for two times, [.

Homemade French Fries and Garlic Aioli Dipping Sauce

Homemade French Fries & Garlic Aioli Dipping Sauce

Homemade french fries + garlic aioli dipping sauce - Waiting on Martha

"Better than Potatoes" Cheesy Cauliflower Puree

"Better than Potatoes" Cheesy Cauliflower Puree (low carb & GF). Yield: 2 cups 1 head Cauliflower, 2 T. Heavy Cream, 1 T. Butter 2 oz Extra Sharp White Cheddar or Dubliner, Salt & Pepper to taste.

Potato and Apple Gratin

Potato and Apple Gratin

Potato and Apple Gratin test run used red potatoes and rome apples

Batatas Fritas no Forno

Batatas fritas no forno

Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed Cauliflower

Olive Oil, Garlic & Romano Cheese Mashed Cauliflower ~ Faithfulness Farm - Califlower that tastes like mashed potatoes!

Baked Garlic Potato Slices

Easy Baked Garlic Potato Slices

These easy baked garlic potato slices are a simple and healthy snack to make. Just sliced up potatoes, sprinkled with salt, garlic, and seasoning. Then baked in oven.