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Jennifer Dalton

Kindergarten Morning Board

We started school this week! I did not think I was ready, had not finished organizing the school room (dining room), but finishing up this project was a huge motivator for me to just do it. (I debated waiting a week or two until I was "ready." Well, I figured life will go on no matter what, so we might as well jump in.) We have had a great week so far, so I am glad we did! Here is how we are starting our day: This is geared towards Malachi mostly. I started homeschooling when Dylan was in 5K…

Social Distancing Greetings Posters

Are you preparing to return to school after COVID-19 school closures? These posters are the perfect way to show students how to safely socially interact in these unprecedented times. Returning to school after lockdown will be challenging and your students will benefit from explicit instruction for i...



Use these virtual classroom templates to organize your distance learning plans in a snap! Create classroom community & engagement. Design your own space!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Literacy and Math Activity

Use these great printable activities with your students to go along with our favorite books Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Chicka Chicka 123 by Bill Martin, Jr.Inclues:1 Literacy activity where students find, color and write the letters in their name.1 Math activity where students count the coconuts on...

FREE First Day of School Headband Crowns

It can be so much fun to prepare for the first day of school. Here are some free printable first day of school headband crowns that I made for you.

Surviving the first week of Kindergarten

Does the first week of Kindergarten have you shaking in your boots? You are not alone! I've been at this for a little while now so you would think it would get easier with time but I am here to tell you it does not! I still get anxious right before school starts. What will they be like? Will I remember what to do at line up time? What if I don't set things up right and I mess up the whole rest of the year? (sounds dramatic but that is really what goes through my head!) I sat down as soon as…

First Week in Kindergarten — Keeping My Kiddo Busy

It is the first week of kindergarten! What do I teach?? I get this question all the time! I am so excited to put together this page together for you. I’m sharing our favorite first week of kindergarten read aloud stories and the free coordinating printables I made to go with them. Plus I will

Classroom Brain Break

Stand Up Sit Down is used as a fun, quick brain break that gets students out of their seats for a few minutes. Your students will be able to come back from the brain break refocused and ready to learn! Stand Up Sit Down will allow your students to have a break from academics, without taking away man...

Cassi Noack

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Phew! It's in the books! My first day back in Kindergarten and let me tell you... I'm a little out of practice! I was all over it this criers.....(except a mom or two), we were on task and getting things done and then this afternoon I ran out of steam! We didn't exactly fall apart but it was hard to keep it together! It's a long day for littles that just are not accustomed to being at work all day long. (ME TOO!) So we talked about our jitters (read First Day Jitters) and that…

Jordan Melvin Smith

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Free! Great First Day of School Certificate

First Day of School Certificates for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten. Also included in this freebie is a non-grade certificate. I hope you enjoy this freebie! If you liked it, click the star to follow me for more freebies and new products. Also, I love feedback! If you have any questions or c...


Virtual Open House | Meet the Teacher | Distance Learning | Back to School Night

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT | DIGITAL AND IN PERSON | EDITABLE TEMPLATE | FARMHOUSE THEMED | POWERPOINT PRESENTATION | REMOTE LEARNINGThis is a great way for distance learning School Open House or Meet the Teacher Night! There are 8 farmhouse themed backgrounds with a pastel color scheme. ALL OF THE TEXT I...