Solarye XX

Solarye XX

Oi bolinhos. tudo bom com vocês??! Me chamo Bianca, mas pode me chamar de Bia ou de Solarye mesmo. Me segam no Twitter! @lixotacansado12
Solarye XX
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Baek looks so tiny next to Yeol

Baekhyun and Chanyeol ❤️ This broadcast was too fun I nearly died 😩❤️

Que fofo *-*

galaxychen: © Both Chen and Baekhyun are like "what just happened?" Omg, gente que coisa mais fofinha Não shippo mas achei muito fofo ;

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Why do I love it when Baek just grabs his hand like, "ya he's hilarious now pay attention to me, also your mine". Lol so cute

Exo : Chanyeol 찬열 😍 😁 😘 : Star Cast Naver In London