It's a hippy lion! I will get a lion tattoo one day! This is a different take at a lion, but I like it.


artemisdreaming: “ The Window, 1916 Henri Matisse Oil on canvas, x cm The Detroit Institute of Arts, City of Detroit Purchase, © 2010 Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society.

Lunch by Shay Aaron via thisiscolossal: Finger food. #Mini_Food #Shay_Aaron #Sculpture

Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron produces amazing miniature food art scaled down to a ratio of just – smaller than a piece. Despite their teeny tiny size, his impressive food sculptures still manages to look almost good enough to eat.



Henri Matisse: One of the Pasifae portfolio (linogravures), Plate 'Fraiche sur des Lits des Violettes' ('Fresh on beds of violets.') ~Via Oliva De La Fuente Gallego


Eye Eye Eye Green Blue Pink Eyebrow Pupil Iris Yeah Lovely Art Drawing Aqua Watercolor Pencil Tear Crying pinned with - www.

Soundsuit by Nicholas Cave #Soundsuit #Nicholas_Cave

Soundsuit by Nicholas Cave So this is made of purses that are embroidered by way is it called a sound suit?