Justine Khamara lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. She works with digital manipulation

Justine Khamara lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. She is a complex artist who works with digital manipulation. Khamara hand-cuts the photographs to reorganize and paste them afterwards. Same of her collages were even cut into thin strips then woven

javier martin

ARTIST: Javier Martin This Barcelona Artist Delights With Beautifully Subversive Messages

Spring Skiing by Sarah Eisenlohr

Spring Skiing Art Print // Seasons by Sarah Eisenlohr: "These collages are the byproducts of the mundane, predictability of our days and the more substantial moments that leave an impression on our minds.

irene grau

I could have photographed sections of the 'human' (human pose, simple garment or toile and model) and then draw on the bat/ 'animal' side depending on reference art on page.

Eugenia Loli.

Face collage fish Very funny compex design. Colors pop really well againt the greyscale woman. Adds alot of emphasis on the fish

unique portrait

Hey Fashionista, do you want to have the most stylish hairstyle ever? And the holidays are coming so I present you 14 Amazing Front Bun Hairdo that you can

The Age of Collage. Contemporary Collage in Modern Art. Edited by Dennis Busch, Robert Klanten, Hendrik Hellige. Preface by Silke Krohn.

Lorna Simpson: Ebony

Compendium of Radness

Lorna Simpson: Ebony Collages on Miss Moss · you might remember my previous post about artist Lorna Simpson, whose exquisite Gold Head series is still a…