Oxalis purple clover, a beautiful shade plant!

A big container full of "Charmed Wine" Oxalis! - Oxalis purple clover, a beautiful shade plant! - Many consider these invasive weeds, but in a container they're beautiful!

Mini jardim com suculentas

Decore seu Jardim 3

I have really bad luck with most hanging succulents like string of pearls but I love how this looks! Mini jardim com suculentas Like the idea of the spilling of plants into a planter

Pé de framboesa no vaso

Raspberries will grow happily in a container on your patio. The compact, thornless Raspberry Shortcake is part of the Brazelberries collection of Fall Creek Farm in Oregon. Great idea for any vine berries- will keep them from completely taking over.

grow in full sun. Persian Shield.  Easily multiplied by simply breaking off and sticking in potting soil.  You can have all you want and save money too

Purple leaves of a Persian shield plant. - Persian shield - can be grown outside as an annual or, as an indoor houseplant, it will bloom in winter.

Clematis I love this plant! It is easy to grow

clematis "the president". Clematis is one of my favourite plants - especially the vivid purple varieties. I love the tendrils. And they love growing in my Illinois garden!

Como fazer adubo com casca de ovo - Blog da Mimis - Esse adubo é uma forma barata e orgânica de adicionar cálcio, magnésio e potássio nas plantas.

Como fazer adubo com cascas de ovo