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Century Gentlemans Frock Coat, wool, long silk waistcoat available separately. Brass effect floral button used with this coat. Love the buttons

Sammy Davis, Jr. on the cover of 'GQ' magazine, September 1967. He is wearing a Sy Devore double-breasted suit of gray plaid with a slim black tie. Davis and other members of the Rat Pack, including Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, were emulated through much of the 1960s for their too-cool style. Photo by Milton Greene.

Gq Cover Featuring Sammy Davis Jr by Milton Greene

on the September 1967 cover of American GQ. He was the first Black man to appear on the cover.

Exuding confidence, early 1900s. By Harris & Ewing.

Two Top Hats and a Talking Head ~ Is Austen Supposed to Be Fun? by Monica Fairview with-man-top

Vestuário maculino da classe alta do séc.xx

This is an example of the typical attire for the Edwardian male. There were not many drastic changes to men's fashion during the turn of the century, except a slimmer silhouette and straight shoulders.

1920s mens fashion - Google Search

Ariel - Men’s fashion in the went through just as much change as women’s fashion. Prior to WWI, men’s suits were three piece, padded, and very conservative.

História da Moda, História do Vestuário, Moda Histórica, Reprodução de Traje, Figurino, Revivalismo Histórico.

A Moda Masculina de 1770 a 1789

The eighteenth century monied male was often a peacock, eager to display his taste and wealth, and fond of lavishly decorated or patterned fabrics, and bright striking colours. The usual outfit remained the three piece suit of coat, waistcoat and breeches

A Era Vitoriana Especial com a história, ilustraçoes, roupas e acessórios originais da epoca (1837 até 1901)

A Era Vitoriana - Especial com a história, ilustrações, roupas e acessórios originais da época (1837 até 1901