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Isabel Amaral

Isabel Amaral
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Drip wedding cakes are one of the hottest trends right now and it’s high time to have a look at them if you want to make your guests’ mouths water.

See the "Maple Cheesecake with Roasted Pears" in our Out-of-the-Ordinary Thanksgiving Desserts gallery

Beat cheesecake i everrrrd made!~Maple Cheesecake with Roasted Pears~ "Maple syrup not only flavors this luscious cheesecake, but it also is brushed on thinly sliced pears that are broiled to create a very unique decoration atop this festive dessert.


Photographer Ron Schmidt has a new adorable series of photos called “Looseleashes.” Schmidt takes these creative portraits of dogs, and then gives them clever names (check out the names under the stickers). The photos of the dogs are not only.