About BTS

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BTS is a South Korean group that consist of 7 members which are 4 vocalist and 3 rappers. They produce and write their own music. Their music has deep, meaningful, socially-conscious lyrics and talks about important issues/topics they deem important, even in a conservative society.Their music addresses themes of student anxiety, mental health, and all states of love (loving oneself, loving regardless of gender, ) etc. BTS has a discography that consist of many genres like R&B, Ballads, Pop, Hip Hop, EDM. Even if you like one genre, you’re very likely to like BTS songs from other genres. BTS are also well known for their energetic choreographies, difficult performances, singing live and amazing lyrics with meaningful messages. (If you want to learn more about BTS and the members plus their solo work, mixtapes, collaborations with other artists etc. Check out the introduction videos about the group and the members individually by SUGA & spice, and gadaursan on YouTube). : ) <3

BTS, Halsey Boy With Luv OUT NOW!!