A-Moloko 牛奶品牌创意设计

Typographic visual identity design for A-Moloko

MEN by hira1O, via Flickr

Shadow play creates the actual icons. Icons also designed in the style of the brand. Clever and brand integrated. / MEN by via house design de casas design office


Bathroom bathroom design decorating before and after interior interior design


Eyecons - 250 pieces of vector icons by Burcu Dayanıklı


Map Pins

Design maps for TS event in March Icons.


I'm sort of obsessed with graphics as signage, they are a cheap way to do it! You could have shapes of "fit" people as the bathroom signage


Geometric Art and Illusion


a nice pictogram series

Custom yet familiar Icons. Oxford Street store wayfinding & signage | Cartlidge Levene

clear acrylic painted colour on sub-surface Oxford Street store wayfinding & signage


Modern (Actual) Art Gallery Simulacrum logo and stationary includes set of pictograms, used for navigation in interior halls and in decoration of advertising products also

User interface icons

Aesir – Branding and packaging - Tom Hingston Studio — Designspiration


Bella Sky signage by Stockholm Design Lab

PHOS Design

PHOS Design

Signalétique, pictogramme

Various signs on Glass, signalétique, signage Japan


Signage system for Sanico by Lavernia Cienfuegos Design, Valencia