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DIY Battle Ropes- Good for Crossfit and bootcamp type workouts. Just go to your local fire dept. and get an out of service fire hose for FREE. Take whatever you can get but a 2.5 inch hose is good size (go bigger or smaller depending on how hard you wanna train).  Cut off the metal couplers and tape the ends with duct tape.  Beats having to pay $150 for one at the sporting good store.
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Fire Hose Battle Ropes

This blog was provided by a great friend and true inpiration. Firefighter Nate Koch oBeatrice Fire and Rescue in Nebraska provided us with a simple, yet effective way to use damaged or out of service hose to increase our fitness and conditioning levels in the station. Thank you Nate for your continued service and hard work. A YOUNG Nate Koch!! Hey my Brothers, I decided I wanted a set of Battling Ropes for my guys at the station to use in there workouts. Good ropes cost a lot of money. So I…



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Adjustable backyard pull-up bar- I kinda want to build a salmon ladder, which looks very similar to this.
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Pull up frame

Showing the height of the bar This was my first big fitness related build when I moved into my house and it’s the one which gets the most use. The total cost was about $100 which I’m pretty happy with. Before I had this built I had to do my pull ups on the washing line, or go across town to a park to do my pull ups, which weren’t really the best options. This allows me to knock out my pull ups (or hangs) while I get dinner ready, or work on homework etc. The original plan was to build it out…

Backyard Gym Structure [Running Riot...: November 2012]

Running Riot

In July I decided to construct my own bar park in the back garden! I wanted to write a how to rough guide but thought I would test them out for a month or 2 first! I had a little look around at a local(ish) park that had some parallel bars and some chin up bars and made a bit of a plan from there! For the pull up bar, I have the 2 up right posts 7ft out of the ground and about 3.5 ft in the ground. The actual bar is about 40 inches long and is flush on the outer edge of both upright posts. I…

Parallel Bars for Calisthenics and Body Weight Exercise

Parallel Bars for Calisthenics and Body Weight Exercise

Parallel Bars for Calisthenics and Body Weight Exercise: I've been involved in weight lifting for quite some time now, and decided to incorporate calisthenics into my workout plans to increase strength functionality. These parallel bars are simple to make and are fairly inexpensive, costing around $50 to…

Salmon Ladder

The Rack All-In-One Gym

Salmon Ladder

DIY Parkour Gym Equipment: The Ultimate Guide to Pipe Structures  #parkour #freerunning
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DIY Parkour Gym Equipment: The Ultimate Guide to Pipe Structures

Want to know how to build your own Parkour Gym Equipment? This post discusses what to consider, how to ensure safety, what the materials to use, and more.


Weight Bench (5 Position,Flat/Incline) Doubles As Patio Bench

Weight Bench (5 Position,Flat/Incline) Doubles As Patio Bench: If you'd like to have a brand-new weight bench, but you don't want to spend a lot of money, then you might consider making one yourself. I decided to make a multi-position flat/incline bench using a 4x4 post as a base. This bench doubles as a patio …

DIY Rowing Machine. Bad ass.
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DIY Rowing Machine

DIY Rowing Machine: The rowing machine is one of the less familiar fitness machines for cardiovascular training. Exercisers seem more likely to opt for the famous treadmill or the exercise bike. Nevertheless the rowing machine is as well and maybe even better than ot…

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DIY Super Cheap Stand To Turn Your Bike Into A Stationary Bike | The Homestead Survival

If you love to ride your bike but don't like to in winter because it is cold and wet or you want to ride at night but it is not safe to ride outdoors this

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Craft Knife: Our DIY Aerial Silks Rig

Our DIY Aerial Silks Rig

For playing such a large part in our daily lives, this DIY aerial silks rig of ours is something that I haven't really shared as such yet. P...

Compound Crossfit Gym/Personal Training - Chesapeake, Virginia: February 2008
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Compound Crossfit Gym/Personal Training - Chesapeake, Virginia

Norfolk Fire Dept in tha House!!!!!!

Build your own DIY Stall Bars for stretching, mobility, pull-ups, gymnastics, and more!  Free plans here!

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If you were to walk into any gym in the 1950's you would find stall bars. They look like a completely vertical ladder made out of wood. When I first saw them I had no idea what they were for

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How to build a gym in your garden

I built a gym in my garden, right outside my office.

DIY kettlebell: Like the idea of adding lead weights and wonder if there is a way to pour the cement through the handle into the ball for a single piece.
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DIY Kettlebells for Under $10

DIY Kettlebells for Under $10: While looking for ways to change up our current workout program, I came across the Russian Kettlebell. Kettlebells are typically cast iron "cannonballs" with handles. They provide a great, well-rounded workout for strength training as well fat los…