Livraria Lello, #Porto #portugal #iloveporto

Lello Bookshop, considered to be one of the most beautiful Libraries in the World. Located in Porto, Portugal.just 300 km from Lisbon!

#iloveporto Barrels of #portwine in a Rabelo boat. Douro river, Oporto, Portugal

Barrels of wine in a Rabelo boat, Douro river, Oporto,

#iloveporto #portwine Port wine is a must try!  It is typically a sweet and red, often served as a dessert wine. It also comes in dry, semi-dry, and white varieties.  Kopke Port House - Porto.

Kopke Port House - Porto, Portugal *Perfect note to end your Thanksgiving meal on!

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal - Porto is Portugal’s second largest city, after Lisbon, and is an important Atlantic port.

Café Majestic, the perfect spot - @ Porto    Photo by Francisco Teixeira

Café Majestic, the perfect spot - Porto

Entryway, Porto, Portugal photo via jessie

It's a beautiful world / Interior details at the Majestic Cafe in Porto / Portugal (by Guizel J.

@ Lello, in Porto - where books meet art

The magnificent staircase at the Lello & Irmão bookstore in Porto. (I feel like I've dreamed about this bookstore. def going there next time im in Portugal