Livraria "Lello & Irmão”

Bookstore Lello! Porto, Portugal.

“Livraria Lello & Irmão” Is Possibly The Most Beautiful Bookstore In The World in Porto Portugal. They claim that JK Rowling used this staircase for inspreation in the Harry potter books

Casa Oriental, Porto, Portugal #cod #bacalhau enjoy portugal cottages & manor houses Welcome to Porto!porto-and-north/c1yvw - Já não é mercearia. É uma casa de comes e bebes, principalmente PASTÉIS DE BACALHAU COM QUEIJO DA SERRA.

Check Casa Oriental, close to the Clérigos Tower in Porto. This house was founded in 1910 and offers all the traditional portuguese sweets, cold meats, salted dried cod fish, wines and liqueurs.

Main reception hall of the Palacio da Bolsa (Porto, Portugal)

Main reception hall of the Palácio da Bolsa (stock Exchange palace), Porto

Porto, Portugal.

What to do in Portugal - Trains to Portugal

This is one of the most beautiful railway stations in all the world ,with spetacular tiles. PORTO, Portugal ~I would love to see this!

Porto - Portugal

A city full of histories, feelings and memories. embraced by the douro river, dividing the two margins it makes us feel at home, everywhere. so its the character of porto.

Ribeira - Oporto- Portugal

Ribeira - Oporto- Portugal This was a present to a married young couple from my family in Spain. to present them with the most typical place in Oporto :)