Daybreak jaunt ending with a stay at a local coffee shop/breakfast destination for hours to read (preferably in a peaceful breezy outdoor nook). This happens to be a beautifully captured photo of a dream location - a cozy café in Paris.

a cup of hot tea. no, a goblet. yes. a goblet of hot tea. (how one drinks from the cup, i do not know, but it is beautiful.

Caffè Italiano-Reminds me of the cappuccino bar, that I "hit" every morning on the way to work, when I lived in Florence, Italy.

Photograph by Natalia Lisovskaya. Food styling, cup of coffee, beautiful ceramic cup, silver creamer.

the year abroad dream: this is how i imagined life in paris to be like, your own balcony, a fresh croissant, a hot cup of cafe au lait, taking in the early morning sounds & smells of the neighbourhood

What a lovely idea to try today. Say one sweet thing to five people today. It's such an easy thing to do but it can really make s.

One of my favorite hang out's in Paris. A Mont Blanc and Chocolat African then stroll across the street to the Louvre. Angelina's in Paris. Known for its wonderful African hot chocolate, Angelina is a chic tea room located Rue de Rivoli.

good idea: how cute are these? brown sugar hearts that perch on the rim of cups. Doesn't have to be coffee or tea and it doesn't have to be brown sugar. Why buy when it can be a DIY

I love drinking hot coffee or tea on a cold morning. Seeing the steam lift from your mug is beautiful.

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