Ahri from League of Legends by Felsus.

League of legends fanart - Lunar goddess End of see you all in 2017 and happy new year!

Destiny Ghost by Dylan West.

pixalry: “Destiny Poster - Created by Dylan West Available for sale at Dylan’s Etsy Shop.

Tracer by Sonellion.

(I want to do a full-body or at least later on. Okay and then maybe Widowmaker.but back to homework for now) Tracer Sketch

Sonic the Hedgehog by herms85.

These went up on the solicits today so it looks like I can finally show these off! This is my second cover coloring for Sonic the Hedgehog - I took over. Sonic the Hedgehog 218 Cover

Red Dead Redemption Poster by Filthymonkey.

poster by filthmonkey After I finished Uncharted 2 last night I started replaying Red Dead Redemption. Totally digging the adventure games right now.

The City of Hyrule by Ry-Spirit.

Link and Ashei in Hyrule Market place (from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess). Does anyone else see the Mario cameo easter egg right in front of Ashei?

Land of Lava by AudioErf.

Incredible depictions of video game characters by very talented artist from all over the world. Kratos by Sandara Assasins Creed by Samuel Donato Dante

Kratos by Sandara.

Are you a video game fanatic? If you are, then for sure you know Kratos, the protagonist character of the game "God of War". Kratos is a video game charact