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Celtic Mythology

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Self dedication to Cernunnos.

Find this Pin and more on the three & the horned by Elaina Sicilia.
Cernunnos by IrenHorrors Cernunnos (Horned God) is a Celtic god of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld. He found his place in the modern Wicca religion Character Inspiration, Character Art, Pagan Art, Celtic Mythology, Witch Art, Arte Horror, Fantasy Kunst, Fantasy Creatures, Dark Art

Dedication to Cernunnos

Last summer I did something I never thought I would, I dedicated myself to a deity. I've worked with spirits my whole life, but not until recently did I work with deities. Honestly, just saying "I worked with a deity" sounds wrong and disrespectful. I feel deities are the same as other spirits, but older and more powerful. For them to even notice me seemed unlikely and arrogant to assume. (Source) However there has always been an energy or force that I've spent my life being drawn to, even…

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Hemera | Riordan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Find this Pin and more on omnipotence by Adib Chowdhury.
"Hemera" by Chie Yoshii. In greek mythology Hemera (Ἡμέρα- day) was the goddess of daytime and one of the greek primordial deities. She is the personification of day and the daughter of Erebus, god of darkness, and Nyx, goddess of the night. Celtic Mythology, Greek Mythology, Fantasy Women, Fantasy Art, Goddess Art, Goddess Of Love, Golden Goddess, Moon Goddess, Mother Goddess


Hemera is the Greek Primordial Goddess of the day. She is the female counterpart of her brother and consort Aither. Her Roman aspect is Dies. Hemera (Day) was born from Nyx (Night) through parthenogenesis (by herself). In the evening, her mother drew a veil of darkness between the shining atmosphere of her brother Aither and the lower air of earth (Chaos) bringing night to man. With each morning Hemera dispersed night's mists, bathing the earth again in the shining light of heaven (Aither).

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Find this Pin and more on asatru info by Jennifer Eglseder.
"Ogham Year Wheel" Canvas Print by Yuri-Leitch Wiccan Spell Book, Magick Book, Wiccan Spells, Pagan Witch, Ogham Alphabet, Druid Symbols, Celtic Mythology, Celtic Symbols, Ogham Tattoo

'Ogham Year Wheel' Canvas Print by Yuri Leitch

Art just feels more arty when it's on canvas,Custom hand-stretched for your order,Vibrant colors on gallery-grade canvas,Semi-gloss coating protects against moisture and UV light,Printed image wraps approximately 1/4 inch (6mm) over the edges; the sides are white,Hanging hardware included for both portrait and landscape orientations

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Faun, forest guardian, forest creature in Celtic mythology Forest Creatures, Magical Creatures, Fairytale Creatures, Woodland Creatures, Fantasy World, High Fantasy, Celtic Mythology, Pan Mythology, Mythological Creatures

Lurkers of the Midsummer Woods — Dan Baines

This excellent article from Patheos.com covers the darker side of fairy folklore, the side that seems to have been swept aside and replaced by fairy doors, glitter and tutus. For me the most interesting spirit covered is the Woodwose whose description bares a striking resemblance to the

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Find this Pin and more on Cool Art by Becky Napier.
'Irish Mythos' Art Print by Victoria Courtney Mythical Creatures Art, Mythological Creatures, Magical Creatures, Irish Mythology Creatures, World Mythology, Celtic Mythology, Fantasy Kunst, Fantasy Art, Minecraft Banner Designs

'Irish Mythos' Art Print by Victoria Courtney

A cute guide to the creatures featured in Irish, Celtic, Gaelic, Welsh, and Scottish Mythology • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. Find your thing.

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Find this Pin and more on Women power by Deborah Scotka.
The Gaelic Goddess of the Hunt, Abnoba, is honored here. She is revered as the Celtic Goddess of the Black Forest itself as well as the Goddess of Abnoba Mountain located within the Black Forest. Celtic Goddess, Celtic Mythology, Earth Goddess, Goddess Art, Goddess Of Nature, Fantasy Women, Fantasy Art, Inspiration Artistique, Sacred Feminine

Goddess Sulis

“Sulis’s themes are water, healing, sun, blessings, wishes, community and offerings. Her symbols are water, wheat cakes and fire. The Celtic Goddess Sulis oversees all sacred wells and…

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The Chakras Poster x Parchment Book of Shadows Page Wicca Witch Pagan Celtic Mythology, Celtic Paganism, Celtic Goddess, Wicca Witchcraft, Wiccan Art, Pagan Gods, Celtic Art, Human Art, Prince

Horned God Parchment Poster (8.5

The Horned God is one of the earliest deities to be represented in human art. Learn about different aspects of the Horned God from around the world. These posters from AzureGreen are printed on high-quality parchment paper. They’re suitable for framing or adding to a study folder or Book of Shadows. Each measures 8.5" x 11". Posters ship in a plastic sleeve with chipboard backing. Paper color and weight varies slightly between lots, so please keep that in mind if purchasing different…

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wicca celtic zodiac garden tree birth # Celtic Trees and Personality Traits. I am not sure that this is traditional, but it does seem to be accurate. Magick, Witchcraft, Celtic Mythology, Book Of Shadows, Occult, New Age, Tarot, Tree Of Life Meaning, Tree Tattoo Meaning

Tree of Life cam: Tree Asvmugy mmmsmm verillas.com - iFunny :)

Tree of Life cam: Tree Asvmugy mmmsmm verillas.com – popular memes on the site ifunny.co

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celtic mythology → rhiannon the goddess of the sun & inspiration keltische mythologie → rhiannon die göttin der sonne & inspiration Greek Mythology Gods, Greek Gods And Goddesses, Celtic Mythology, Celtic Goddess Names, Goddess Names And Meanings, Celtic Names, Roman Mythology, Greek Mythology Costumes, Pretty Names

A Guide on Greek Mythology - RHIANNON

April 2019

A Guide on Greek Mythology focusing on gods, goddesses and basic mythology and word meanings.

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Sophia Myles, "Tristan & Isolde", 2006 Costumes designed by Maurizio Millenotti Roman and Celtic-influenced beige wedding gown with hand-stitched gold embroidery and beading, oversized floor-length crepe georgette sleeves and cotton crepe skirt and back. Tristan Und Isolde, Celtic Goddess, Celtic Mythology, Moon Goddess, Sophia Myles, Tv Spielfilm, Beige Wedding, Beltane, Imbolc Ritual

Tristan und Isolde

Tristan gives Isolde the love potion. Mural in the Bedroom, August Spiess, 1881 "The calm sea shines, loose hang the vessel's sails; Before us are the sweet green fields of Wales, And overhead the cloudless sky of May." "Ah, would I were in those green fields at play, Not pent on ship-board this delicious day! Tristram,…