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I got Elsa! Which Frozen Character Are You? | Oh My Disney

Are you Elsa or Anna Quiz? You're Elsa! You’re very protective of your friends and family and you might have some pretty awesome magical powers. You’re great at power ballads, melting frozen hearts with love, and building snowmen.

I got Anna! Which Frozen Character Are You? | Oh My Disney

QUIZ Are you Anna or Elsa? - You're Anna! You can be slightly clumsy and awkward at times, but that only makes you more endearing. You love chocolate, finishing people's sandwiches, and you long for adventure.


Portuguese cover of the music from the movie Frozen "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman". When Arendelles' kingdom passe trapped in perpetual winter, fearless Anna.

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Pin for Later: 25 Disney Songs We Will Never Stop Singing "When Will My Life Begin," Tangled It comes in handy having Mandy Moore as the voice of your heroine when songs like this come up.