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Praia das Conchas - Cabo Frio (Brazil) - Where I ate many, may shrimps drinking cold beer.

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Cabo Frio - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Beach at the mother father in-laws. I really hate that they live in Brazil!

planejando a travessia Teresopolis-Petropolis pela trilha da Serra -3 dias walking

planejando a travessia Teresopolis-Petropolis pela trilha da Serra -3 dias walking

15 things to do in Rio de Janeiro

The Portuguese pavement wave pattern, Copacabana Beach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

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Insider's Guide to Rio de Janeiro

Petropolis, the Imperial City of Brazil

The one-time residence of Brazil’s only two emperors – Emperor Pedro I and Pedro II – Petropolis is acclaimed as the Imperial City of Brazil – a lavish mountain retreat tucked away in the Serro dos Orgaos and now a popular day trip from Rio de Janeiro.


A guide on getting around, eating, sleeping and of course dancing your way through a weekend in Rio de Janeiro during your Brazil travel getaway.

BUZIOS  The unusual length of Praia de Geriba Beach is one of its attractions, because it means that there are actually different sea conditions on different sections of the beach. Children and weaker swimmers will want to hang out in the waters on the east end of Praia de Geriba Beach as it has the gentlest waves. The ocean bottom along the Buzios beach has no coral and is not very rocky. Thus, it's a very good beach for water sports novices to learn.

Explore this Buzios Beach one of the longest and best beaches in Brazil with world-class surfing and exciting nightlife.

RIO: Santa Teresa  Espírito Santa  TOR Critics' Choice  Brazilian food with Amazonian flair

Espírito Santa - The cobbled, hilly streets of Santa Teresa have become a rival to Ipanema and Copacabana for.

Shopping at Rio’s CADEG Market : Free Things to Do, Sightseeing, Things To Do | Rio de Janeiro Things to Do

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