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long cue for this but fun. don't bother paying extra for top view can see plenty when you get up there.Justa Lisbon, PORTUGAL (designed by Gustave Eiffel)

Torre de Belém / Lisbon, Portugal

Torre de Belém / Lisbon, Portugal, been here, it's really gorgeous,

BELCANTO @ Lisboa_Portugal. Owned by celebrated  Michelin star chef José Avillez. For the Belcanto, Avillez recruited the talents of architect Ana Anahory and interior designer Felipa Almeida. Together they create a formal and sophisticated space, using that heavy wood paneling, leather seating and clean lines, without an air of pretension.

Dreamy elopement day lunch at lavish Belcanto, owned by Michelin star chef José Avillez

Pasteis de Belem

Pasteis de Belem - I'd fly all the way back to Lisbon just for these!

Metro Olaias underground station, Lisbon - PORTUGAL. Designed by architect Tomás Taveira, who created a whimsically colorful, contemporary space that to this day holds its own as a modern work of art.

Olaias, Lisbon, Portugal The station is a whimsically colorful space that to this day holds its own as a modern work of art.