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German Renaissance Fashion – Style is art Costume Renaissance, Renaissance Mode, Medieval Costume, Renaissance Fashion, Renaissance Clothing, Medieval Jester, Medieval Gown, Historical Costume, Historical Clothing

Разноцветные шоссы. Откуда пошла на них мода? Несерьезное размышление.

Пока собирала материал для поста об остроносых пуленах, вдоволь насмотрелась на мужчин в облегающих шоссах. И обратила внимание, что некоторые носят разноцветные. Одна к примеру шосса зеленая, вторая красная. Что за мода такая, думаю. Шоссы ведь изначально состояли из двух раздельных штанин,…

SCA German Renaissance Research: Germans of the Holy Roman Empire in Artwork Landsknecht Maximilian I, 16th Century Clothing, Holy Roman Empire, Landsknecht, Medieval Manuscript, Renaissance Fashion, Medieval Clothing, Middle Ages, Traditional Art

Germans of the Holy Roman Empire in Artwork (1500-1510): Landsknecht

There are various categories for German dress in the Holy Roman Empire and I cannot even scratch the surface on all the ways they can be org...

Warhammer Fantasy - Open Wams I by Ring-A-Ding on DeviantArt Mens Garb, German Costume, German Outfit, Landsknecht, German Fashion, Vash, Medieval Costume, Renaissance Clothing, Doublet

Warhammer Fantasy - Open Wams I by Ring-A-Ding on DeviantArt

I made this open wams using heavily revised patterns from, as well as period woodcuts for reference. This particular piece is ... Warhammer Fantasy - Open Wams I

Full: Front A Landsknecht holding a spear; From a series of fifty woodcuts. Sheet trimmed at top. Woodcut © The Trustees of the British Museum Renaissance Clothing, Historical Clothing, British Museum, Mens Garb, German Outfit, Landsknecht, German Fashion, 16th Century, Middle Ages

Солдаты,офицеры, ландскнехты. 15-16 век

Солдаты,офицеры, ландскнехты. 15-16 век. After Hendrik Goltzius 1587 High Altar of St Mary (a soldier) 1477-89 Wood Church of St. Mary, Cracow MASTER M S Christ Carrying Christ Carrying the Cross 1506 Tempera on limewood, 147,5 x 92,6 cm Christian Museum, Esztergom ----------------------------…

Ethnographic Arms & Armour - Katzbalgers and Related Landsknecht Swords Larp, Renaissance, Arm Armor, Horse Armor, Landsknecht, Historical Art, Historical Clothing, Antique Prints, 16th Century

1895 Original Antique City Map of Frankfurt, Germany

Beautifully detailed and coloured city map of Frankfurt. The reverse side shows the list of streets, with the most important squares and buildings of the era. The size of the print: 9,6 x 6,3 (24,5 x 16 cm) including its border. Printed in 1895, Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig Germany, as an

Ethnographic Arms & Armour - Katzbalgers and Related Landsknecht Swords Landsknecht, Fantasy Inspiration, 2d Art, 16th Century, Old World, Sword, Renaissance, Fantasy Art, Medieval

Ethnographic Arms & Armour - Katzbalgers and Related Landsknecht Swords

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Painting guide for the Great Italian Wars and Spanish Conquistadores in the New World. It covers: Spanish Infantry, Spanish Cavalry, Italian, German/Landsknecht, Swiss. Costume Renaissance, Renaissance Clothing, Medieval Fashion, Italian Renaissance, Renaissance Art, Historical Costume, Historical Clothing, German Costume, Armadura Medieval

Kit Review - Landsknecht, XVI Century (Tartar Miniatures) - Figure Mentors

PRELUDE Tartar Miniatures continue to blaze a trail for fascinating historical subjects and a while back sent me some samples, this one is the Landsknecht bust, sculpted by Sergey Savenkov and consisting of just four polyurethane resin parts and a length of metal sheet for the hats’ chinstrap, all sealed in a ziplock bag and nestled in some bubble wrap. The white box is adorned with the boxart by Ruslan Vorobiov (again the photography here is not one I like, I have seen images of this piece…