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Gethporno dankmemeuniversity Kylie Jenner: My Family Teases Me for Being a Billionaire Kylie Jenner revealed her sisters started to poke fun at her after she became billionaire - watch Rich people truly live in a different dimension Yes! They do! I've been trying to get that point to stick and people just don't follow. The president thinks insurance costs $12 a year. My old boss's sister didn't think we should be paid enough to afford smart phones because (her words) "You peasants work for us, peasants don't deserve enough money for those things." was once invited to a dinner event. Turns out there was a raffle. I mentioned that if I had known I'd have stopped at the bank for some cash. Nothing was said, but the "You don't carry a minimum $200 everywhere?" was felt in the body language of everyone within 50 feet. Old boss would get KFC every day. He was hospitalized and had to have bits of intestine removed. First day back he was eating KFC because "Well the doctor fixed everything, so why not?" If old boss didn't take home a million dollars in a month the company was "Having a bad time of things." That's not sales, or total gain, that's his paycheck. He owned the building so the company he owned that operated inside the building paid him $33,000 a month, and that didn't count towards his paycheck. Monthly, his company would pay him rent greater than what he was paying me yearly, and it was so little to him that he didn't count it as income. To rich person, something punishable by a fine is just a thing you have to pay for permission to do. You want to go to the movies? Sure that's $8 a person. You want to park in the fire zone? Sure, that's $750 for parking. No big deal. Rich people live in such a different place than everyone else. desperate-acts-of-capitalism The ruling class is able to purchase actions with no concequences Source: dankmemeuniversity 138,549 notes tl - )