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This home trend is making a serious comeback #furnishinghomes #homedecor #besthomeaccents

State Shaped Accessories For Your Home

5 Ways to Make the Marquee Trend Work For You California state marquee light reclaimed old-growth redwood & auto grade aluminum with 13 light bulbs reaping the state's major cities

Bathroom design trend #6: Large, spacious showers, with an ample seat that also serves as a decorative feature in the bath. #furnishinghomes #homedecor #besthomeaccents

Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends, Guaranteed to Freshen Up Your Home

Geometric shapes and designs will dominate everything .... fabrics, furniture, walls, decorative items, lamps . #furnishinghomes #homedecor #besthomeaccents

Forecasting the Hottest Trends in Home Decoration 2017 … [UPDATED

D. MANUEL Cabinet by Boca do Lobo #modernhomesfurniture #homeinspirationideas #homedecoracessories

This handmade piece is one of our favorite storage cabinets. Inspired by the King Manuel I of Portugal, best known for his support of Portuguese exploration, this noble cabinet takes inspiration from the Portuguese Manuelino style and a city skyline.

VENICE Mirror by Boca do Lobo #homedecoracessories #modernhomeaccents #homeinspirationideas

Through a passionate explosion of romance and drama, the modern design Venice Mirror stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye.

Talk about a 'conversation piece' gallery wall!  seen on houzz - eclectic media room by Lindsay von Hagel

Frisco: Brad and Tiffany - eclectic - media room - dallas - Lindsay von Hagel

Home Poster Gallery Ideas

Home Poster Gallery Ideas

Theres no better place to show off your eccentric style and personality than the living room. Display everything that makes you and your family spe.