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It seems like a dog's head and a person's hand were meant to go together. But, why do dogs like to be petted so much, and what are the best places to pet a dog? To answer these questions, it's important to understand the signs dogs give before, during and after petting. Get ready — we are about to explore the science behind dog petting. Dachshund Puppies, Mini Puppies, Pet Dogs, Small Puppies, Dogs And Puppies, Pug, Animals And Pets, Baby Animals, Funny Animals

The signs that a dog wants to be pet

Does your dog really like to be petted? Learn the best spots to pet a dog, especially for new puppy owners, as well as areas to avoid when petting.

Figuring out the details of how to adopt a pet and worrying about the unknowns can feel overwhelming to prospective pet parents, but don't let that keep you from rescuing an animal. Just take the questions one at a time, until you know you're ready to commit to bringing home a new four-legged friend. Take our quiz to help you choose the right pet for you. Teacup Puppies, Lab Puppies, Baby Animals Pictures, Cute Baby Animals, Pet Care Tips, Dog Care, Rare Animals, Animals And Pets, Poodle Mix Breeds

Find the perfect type of pet

Learn what it's like to adopt a special needs pet and how behavioral challenges or disabilities can be overcome to give them a proper forever home.

Is the dog bed in the corner looking a little chewed and lumpy lately? While you could buy a new dog bed, why not make your own? A homemade dog bed is a great way to show your favorite dog just how much you love him — and save some money too! Plus, you can get creative by upcycling everything from old furniture to T-shirts to make the perfect bed for the perfect pooch. Cute Baby Animals, Animals And Pets, Small Dog Sweaters, Diy Dog Bed, Dog Crafts, Dog Items, Animal Projects, Pet Beds, Diy Stuffed Animals

Make a DIY dog bed

Learn how to make an inexpensive homemade dog bed your pup will love, using low-cost materials and items you may have around the house!

You love your dog with a devotion that may rival how you feel about any person. But does your dog feel the same way about you? When your dog gazes up at you adoringly, is that genuine dog devotion, or is he simply wondering when you'll serve him his next meal? Dog Show, Dog Care, Loyalty, Dog Stuff, Behavior, Your Dog, How Are You Feeling, Meal, Dogs

How Dogs Show They're Loyal

Learn more about a dog's devotion and loyalty to you and how you can tell whether it is real or just a ploy for more treats.

Are you looking for a smart dog? Intelligent dogs have an aptitude for learning, which can make them easier to train than most. But they can also present challenges that might not make them a good fit for everyone. Smartest Dog Breeds, Healthy Pets, Dog Care, Border Collie, Poodle, Your Dog, Corgi, Challenges, Train

The 5 smartest dog breeds

Learn about the five smartest dog breeds, such as border collies, german shepherds and poodles, and what makes them so trainable and intelligent.

Autism service dogs can change the life of the children they assist, as well as their family's lives. They are trained to calm their handlers, keep them safe and may even help them socialize with their community. Here's an interview with Brandy, a mom who learned about autism service dogs and was able to adopt one into her family to help her son, Xander. Autistic Children, Children With Autism, Autism Service Dogs, Dogs And Kids, Dog Care, Family Life, Real Life, Adoption, Interview

Autism service dogs

Learn about autism service dogs, how they comfort & support to autistic kids, and the real-life bond between one remarkable service dog and his owner.

Exercise is an important part of your dog's physical and mental health, just like yours. And although there are many fitting activities you can join him in, running with your dog is an excellent way to burn calories and relieve stress for both of you. Puppy Care, Dog Care, Dog Treat Recipes, Cookie Recipes, Cleopatra History, Mini Goldendoodle, Dog Language, Homemade Soaps, Healthy Pets

Running with your dog

Learn why running with your dog can be a healthy and enjoyable activity, as well as a great way for you both to stay fit and active.

Is your new puppy whining day and night? Like raising a new baby, puppies cry and whine to communicate their thoughts and feelings with their new family. Unfortunately, they don't speak the same language as their human roommates, so to get their point across, you'll hear a lot of dog whimpering, whining, yelping and even crying. Don't Speak, Roommates, Baby Puppies, Thoughts And Feelings, New Puppy, Dog Care, Raising, Behavior

Is my pup a whiner?

Learn some common reasons why your puppy is whining, crying, and whimpering, as well as helpful ways to change his behavior through training.

Like people, dogs often experience failing eyesight as they get older—and need a "seeing eye" just as you would. Caring for a dog who is losing his vision (or who's already gone blind) can offer a special set of challenges for the rest of the family. But a loss of eyesight certainly doesn't mean a poor quality of life, especially for pet parents who are willing to adjust how they care for their impaired canine. Healthy Pets, Dog Care, Blinds, Parents, Rest, Challenges, Dogs, People, Life

How to care for a blind dog

Learn how you can continue to provide a great quality of life for your blind or visually-impaired dog to help keep him active and healthy

Knowing when to spay a puppy is fairly straightforward, but knowing when to spay a dog who has reached adult age can be harder to determine.  Learn the proper age to spay your puppy, as well as whether adult dogs can be spayed, and possible complications to keep an eye out for following surgery. Healthy Pets, Dog Care, Surgery, Your Dog, Health Care, Teddy Bear, Age, Puppies, Learning

When Should a Dog Be Spayed?

Learn the proper age to spay your puppy, as well as whether adult dogs can be spayed, and possible complications to keep an eye out for following surgery.

Early play is critical to a puppy's social development and teaches them communication and self-control.  As puppies age and grow, they don't lose their playful spirit, but it's up to you to supervise and make sure your pup is enjoying good-natured play and isn't getting too aggressive with other dogs. Dog Nipping, Animal Nutrition, Pet News, Puppy Play, Aggressive Dog, Puppy Food, Two Dogs, Healthy Pets, Dry Dog Food

Is Your Dog's Play Behavior Too Aggressive?

Wondering if your dog's play is too aggressive? Learn to spot differences between two dogs having fun & dogs showing aggression toward each other.

Whether you're going on an extended road trip or for a short drive, car travel with a dog can be a lot of fun. However, traveling with dogs in a car can pose a lot of safety risks. Read on for tips on how to safely transport him and minimize the dangers inherent when riding in the car with your dog. Dog Travel, Travel Tips, Dog Care, Boston Terrier, Your Dog, Transportation, Pup, Safety, Road Trip

Car Travel Tips for Your Dog

Taking your pup on a road trip? Learn the safest means of traveling with dogs in a car.

Who doesn't love a cold, wet dog nose rubbing up against them? However, if you go to nuzzle with your canine friend and notice his nose is dry, it's important to know what dog dry nose treatment to use and when his dry nose is serious enough to require a trip to the veterinarian. Dry Dog Nose, What Dogs, Dog Care, Your Dog, Cold, Treats, Healthy, Sweet Like Candy, Goodies

How to Help Your Dog's Dry Nose

If you notice your dog's nose is dry, discover some different causes and corresponding treatments to help keep his nose healthy.

If you've never heard of brachycephalic dogs, you might think that this term refers to some type of canine disorder that you would want to avoid. But the truth is that this term applies to some of the most popular and beloved dog breeds. Here's all you need to know about these adorable short-nosed dogs. Hills Science Diet, Soft Palate, Animal Nutrition, Best Dog Breeds, Health Challenge, Dog Care, Need To Know, French Bulldog, Your Dog

All About Brachycephalic Dogs

What are brachycephalic dogs? Learn all about these short-nosed dog breeds and why they're so beloved, but also some of the health issues they face.

If you have noticed your pup scratching more often or have seen white flakes on his bedding, it could point to a skin condition called walking dandruff.  How do you know when dog dandruff warrants a veterinarian visit? Since the signs of canine dandruff can be very similar to other skin issues, it's important to know what to watch out for and the possible treatment options to consider. Dog Dandruff, How To Treat Dandruff, Kitten Food, Animal Nutrition, Dog Facts, Puppy Food, Dog Care Tips, Dog Park, Flakes

Dog Dandruff: Facts, Prevention & Treatment

Learn the proper age to spay your puppy, as well as whether adult dogs can be spayed, and possible complications to keep an eye out for following surgery.

Have you ever thought "my dog sleeps all day. Wish I could, too!" Dogs do sleep more than humans, and although we may get a little jealous of our pups' luxurious five-hour napping habits, it's important to understand why dogs sleep so much and know what excessive sleeping in dogs really looks like. Sleeping Too Much, Sleeping All Day, Sleeping Dogs, Animal Nutrition, Puppy Food, Healthy Pets, Great Pyrenees, How To Stay Awake, Dog Care

My Dog Sleeps All Day: Is That Normal?

Concerned that your dog is sleeping all day? Learn how many hours dogs should be sleeping and why things like age have an impact on his sleeping habits.