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Anúncio das mini-garrafas da Coca-Cola de 1954: colecionáveis de sucesso. Coleção Mini-Garrafas (Coca-Cola) - 1954 Uma pena não termos essa bela coleção de volta. Já apresentamos essas mini-garrafinhas em nosso site (CLIQUE AQUI para conferir). Resgatamos a coleção e seu primeiro anúncio, de 1954. Um anúncio raro da Coca-Cola:

Agora, aqui, eu te pergunto: pq essa promoção ñ pode voltar?

Going to the sweet shop with my sixpence..

Going to the sweet shop with my sixpence.Sweets in jars which we bought by the quarter Cola and pineapple cubes, dolly mixture, lemon sherbert and iced bonbons to name a few.

Bought by Mum - but only if you were VERY poorly.

Lucozade - by hospital beds everywhere in the Remember getting this when i was in hospital. I hated it, only thing i liked was the orange cellophane.

Aurum: A sweet brandy-based Italian liqueur with a citrus fruit infusion.

Distilleria Aurum, manifesto pubblicitario, Pescara sec.

Vintage 1968 Pepsi magazine ad that has been carefully extracted from the Saturday Evening Post. inches wide x 14 inches tall. This is an original from the magazine, not a

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