May (2009) © Seong-Min (Artist) via ArtZero, WonderPic Art Gallery, page 2. Manga, Girl, Bookshelves, Books, Cats, Music, CD Player. Cute :-)

Books, cats, tea, and music. Every girl's dream. Except mine would be puppies instead of cats.

Love old pocket watches, you know, most of the good ones can be repaired for fairly reasonable costs..

Something about watches, clocks, time etc that makes me feel sentimental. My grandad had a thing about clocks, so does my mum, so do I.

Truest thing I've heard all day. You can heal without forgetting. Forgive but never forget. Lessons learned make you a stronger person.

This is so true.I'm feeling alot of pain over a certain situation/story in my life now so know its not yet healed. Healing is a process.

Gicleé Treehouse Print from New York Times Book Review Cover.

I wish this Aaron Becker print from the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art wasn't so pricey!

Rafel Olbinski

Painting, "Innocence of Courteous Intentions" By Visual Artist, Rafal Olbinski

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I am aware that Colin Firth is a bit on the older side for me! But he is MR.DARCY in both Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones& Diary! Enough said!

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