instagood 💎: I did a new edit of this Val di Funes shot. What do you think?

instagood: The greenest greens I've ever seen.

Volcano, Volcanoes

I tracked down some Balsamroot last night at lower elevations, and although it was grey when I left the house the skies transformed into some serious drama as it got closer to sunset.

instagood: A little bit of Mona Vale Moods 🚁🚁

One spicy road🌶🌹 moments after being at this spot I broke my Canon LCD, but at least it was a good road place to unwind ➰ ------------------

To be honest, this is one of my favorite captures ever! I think those dust devils are absolutely remarkable and crazy photogenic.

instagood 💎: ColorFrames w/ .

instagood 💎: One day? You decide.

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instagood: One of my favourite views in Bali.