Guilherme Sousa

Guilherme Sousa

Lisbon, Portugal  ·  Studying Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. Interests in design, art, typography, architecture, music, photography, c
Guilherme Sousa
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An 1884 notebook in which Mark Twain, “toying with the notion of a physician trying to write a play,” experimented with several hilarious character names. // A Peek Inside the Notebooks of Famous Authors, Artists and Visionaries

Peek Inside of David Foster Wallace's 'Pale King' Notebook

Inside front cover of notebook labeled “David Wallace Reward for Return” for The Pale King; contains reading notes, clippings, and writings related to The Pale King.

David Foster Wallace's margin notes on Stephen King's Carrie and C.S. Lewis' first Narnia book

There is something predatory, cruel even, about a pen suspended over a work of literature. Like a hawk over a field, it is on the lookout for something vulnerable.

David Foster Wallace’s marginalia (and an article about marginalia in general)

“In getting my books,” Edgar Allan Poe wrote in “I have always been solicitous of an ample margin;

David Foster Wallace’s 1994 Syllabus: How to Teach Serious Literature with Lightweight Books

David Foster Wallace’s 1994 syllabus shows you how to teach serious literature with “lightweight” books. Complement with DFW on why writers write.