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Go out there and do whatever makes you feel good.
A woman dressed in a white sports bra, holding a gold chime bowl while meditating to the vibrations of the bowl with her eyes close. Physical Wellness, Health And Wellness, Guided Meditation Apps, Delete Social Media, Happy Hour Deals, Hiit Class, Wellness Trends
Make 2023 the year of you! Discover the top five wellness trends of the year that’ll have you feeling good inside and out.
A woman lying down on an orange pillow on her back, dressed in a white shirt with a patterned blanket covering her legs, as three gold bowls in three different sizes rest on her stomach and legs as she meditates to the vibration of the bowls. Heart Of Life, Talk Therapy
This year, it’s all about feeling good on the inside rather than looking good on the outside. Check out 2023’s top wellness trends you just have to try for yourself!
A woman dressed in a light pink sports bra, and maroon leggings, meditating outside. Important Life Lessons
Were you into glazed donut nails, hot girl walks and skin cycling in 2022? Then this is your sign to check out this go-to guide for the wellness trends that are about to blow up in 2023!
A woman with a white beenie hat and black sweater on smiling while looking up at the sky. Iron Man Training, Dental Assistant, Flossing, Waxing, Feeling Great, Resolutions, Dentist, Newyear
Ditch the pie-in-the-sky plans and make little resolutions this year. They’re easier to stick to and you’ll feel great (even if they don’t pan out.)
A woman in workout clothes at the beach standing looking at the ocean with her hands on her hips. I Feel Good, Vegetarian Tacos, Romcom, Bad Mood
Big resolutions got you stressing? Check out these little things you can do to feel great in the New Year.
A woman with long hair, wearing a brown hat, holding a cup of coffee while her eyes are close in front of a sunset behind her.
Jump into 2023 with some low key resolutions you’ll feel great about!
A woman in a black hijab, in a red, white, and blue striped shirt, meditating on a mountain. Alone With My Thoughts, Quick Meditation, Kickboxing Classes, Long Dreads, Set A Reminder, Ignore Me, New Hobbies, Spa Day, I Tried
Ever wanted to try meditation but didn’t know where to start? I tried the Mindabout app for 30 days to see if meditation was for me.
A person sitting in front of a sun set, meditating. Mindfulness App, Focus On Me, Left Alone, Daily Habits, People Talk
I spent 30 days using the Mindabout mindfulness app to see how daily meditating would help me. It did — and here’s how it could help you, too.
A woman in a tan dress standing with her eyes close, relaxing.
I tried the mindfulness app Mindabout for 30 days to see if it would help me. Here’s what happened.
A beautiful woman lying down, wrapped in a white towel, getting a facial massage from another person. Facial Gifts, Luxury Spa Gift, Spa Gift Card, Spa Day Gifts, Spa Breaks, Luscious Lashes, Aromatherapy Gifts, Best Spa, Favorite Skincare Products
Everyone needs to rest, relax and recharge from time to time, even if they might not realize it. So why not treat your loved ones to a revitalizing spa day gift or treatment?
Woman wearing a white headband, white towel, and red goggles sitting under a red celluma light Skin Care Deals, Show Runner, Light Shield, Smooth Skin Texture, Led Light Therapy, Blue Led Lights, Skin Issues, Photosynthesis, Beauty Spa
Laying down for 30 minutes to treat your acne, wrinkles, and other skin issues? Count us in.
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Red Perfume Box: Burberry Classic
Black IT Cosmetics Superhero Super Black Mascara
Silver, Pink, and Black: Marc Jacobs Highaliner
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Peter Thomas Roth Luxury Lift Eye Patches
K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Repair Hair Mist or Hair Mask Titanium Flat Iron, Nano Titanium, Calvin Klein Obsession, Line Tools, Peter Thomas Roth, Burberry Classic, October 14, Groupon
Classic scents, top of the line tools, and treatments you've been waiting to try!
groupon day is 10/14, but leading up to it we’ve got early deals alllll weeeeeeek lonngggggg
A person with black hair receives acupuncture needles in their ear. Migraine, Headache, Eastern Medicine, Liking Someone, Sore Muscles, Acupuncture, How To Fall Asleep, Needles, Thinking Of You
I didn’t think I could, but I hate needles, so that makes sense. See how it went for me so you can be prepared.
A woman looking up showing off her eyelashes and eyebrows Traditional Tattoo Machine, Least Painful Tattoo, Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Daily Makeup Routine, Fill In Brows, Brow Powder, Set Up An Appointment, Makeup Tattoos
Powder brows are a style of eyebrow tattoos that fill in your brows, just like makeup, and make them look fuller.
A woman lying down receiving a lip-blushing treatment by someone with red gloves. Matching Lips, Numbing Cream, Pigmented Lips, Brown Lip, Lip Shapes, Makeup Guide, Nude Lipstick, Lip Fillers, Makeup Techniques
If you’re looking to permanently punch up the color of your pout, lip blushing could be for you. Check out our complete guide to learn more about the popular beauty trend.
A woman with red auburn hair and freckles staring into the camera Magenta Hair Colors, Permanent Eyeliner, Semi Permanent, Rose Gold Highlights, Eyebrow Trends, Short Dark Hair, Eyeliner Tattoo, Love Lips, Makeup Services
Did you know there’s way more to permanent makeup than just microblading or tattoo eyeliner? Here’s all the ways you can shine with semi-permanent ink.
Multi Color floral arrangement in a clear vase sitting on a light brown wooden coffee table in a living room, with a light couch in the background. Mount Everest Base Camp, Treat Yourself, Make It Yourself, Elaborate Cakes, Proflowers, Flower Delivery Service, Buying Your First Home, Ftd, Getting Out Of Bed
Who says you need someone else in your life to give you flowers? You should treat yourself on a regular basis — and here’s why.
A woman with curly hair, dressed in a light brown dress, holding green and white Easter Lilies. Feeling Happy, How Are You Feeling, Habit 1
Keeping fresh flowers in your home can have many self-care benefits. Read up on why you should bring some blooms into your space.
Bright yellow Forsythias in a white and black vase on a light brown wooden countertop. Spring Has Sprung
Having fresh flowers in your home is one thing that has multiple benefits, from boosting your mood to amplifying your design style.
A brick hallway with a white circle ring light, and a glass door with a blue light at the end of the hall. Deprivation Tank, Sensory Deprivation, Float Therapy, Frosted Glass Door, Folded Hands, Deep Breathing Exercises, Therapy Room, Spoiler, Stupid
Spoiler: It’s pretty great. Except for the massive, stupid mistake I made right in the middle of my first ever float session.
Inside of a Glass door with a blue light that reads "Float Sixty" Backwards River North, Large Baths, I Passed
Do you have to *try* to float? Are you naked? Is it more like meditation, or more like tripping on ayahuasca? Your questions answered and more in this first-hand account of a sensory deprivation tank experience.
A glass door with a silver handle and a blue back light that says "Float Sixty" Quiet Room, Pro Athletes
Everyone from pro athletes to A-list celebs tout the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of float therapy. But honestly: they had us at “chilling in a dark quiet room for an hour.”
A woman sitting at the beach smiling, the wind blowing her hair as she faces away from the ocean and towards the camera. What Is Retinol, Retinol Cream, Smooth Wrinkles, Retinoid, Flaky Skin, Bright Skin, Smoother Skin, Uneven Skin Tone, New Skin
Looking to up your skincare game? Introducing retinol into your routine could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.