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This diagram shows our cosmic address at a glance. We see our planetary system around the Sun, our stellar neighborhood in our galaxy, our galaxy in the local group of galaxies, and our group in the...

WordCloud Generator - Paperblog

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. With the WordCloud Generator your pictures will be converted into individual, typographical images, which can be used as a personal gift or as the base for further graphics.

Sahiplerinin Dehasıyla Görülmeyi Hak Eden 15 Özel Kütüphane

Dehanın beslendiği araçların içinde kitaplar şüphesiz ki zamana meydan okumakta, nesilden nesile aktarılabilmekte ve yeni kuşaklara ilham verebilmekte...

Albert Einstein vintage photograph. Housewarming gift, artistic retro wall, photos of legendary scie

A beautiful vintage photograph of Albert Einstein. Unique retro wall decor to grace every room.All photos are printed in high quality photo paper and the frame is a simple black one. Available sizes: 4X6'', 5X7'', 8X10'' and 8X12''. We use standard international shipping for the unframed prints in order to keep the cost as low as possible, which unfotunately means that no tracking info is provided. If you wish to receive tracking info, you are kindly requested to contact me before proceeding…

Albert Einstein - Violin and Piano

beststudentviolins.com/Einstein.html - Albert Einstein - Violin

Einstein was right: Scientists detect gravitational waves

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity passes a big test: Scientists have direct evidence of gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of space and time.

69 Most Beautiful Colorized Images In History

What is it about color that gives us a more broad understanding of the past? Is it simply the added depth that it brings to the photo?

40 Beautiful Examples Of Typography Portraits

We have previously posted several collections of beautiful and captivating portraits designed by world famous artists. In today’s assortment

Madame Curie was my mother.

May 13th 1952.

Lettre d’Albert Einstein à son fils Hans-Albert : « C’est comme ça qu’on apprend le mieux, quand on fait quelque chose avec tellement de plaisir qu’on ne voit pas le temps passer. » - Des Lettres

Albert Einstein, l'un des plus éminents scientifiques du XXe siècle dont les travaux ont changé le monde à jamais, entretenait des relations distantes voire parfois hostiles avec ses enfants. Mais leur éducation était un sujet sacré comme en témoigne cette lettre de conseils paternels à son fils Hans-Albert : de l'importance du plaisir d'apprendre.