English garden

Manor Garden, Snowshill - Cotswolds, England the green! the green!


Hanham Court Gardens, Gloucestershire, England - designed by Julian and Isabel Bannerman

English Garden

British Design Confidential

The knot garden behind the house features arches of roses and clematis. Old Rectory, Netherbury, West Dorset, U.K Classic English Garden

Snowshill Manor Garden, Gloucestershire

Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire, was the property of Winchcombe Abbey from 821 until 1539 when the Abbey was confiscated by King Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Between 1539 and 1919 it had a number of tenants and owners until it wa

English garden

Beautiful Castle style garden, In, House & Garden,


ENGLISH GARDENS- sprawling Gardens with a variety of different plants from all around the world.

English Garden

Garsington Manor, a Tudor era manor house in Oxfordshire, England. There are no adequate words to vivify my love for an English manor garden.