Welcome to my garden

Garnish Island - Ireland - stone wall gate covered in a vine w flowers? Looks like coming home

secret garden

Another beautiful old door in Castle Combe. The gate to a secret garden. (It should have vines or bushes, to keep the door hidden!

Celtic knot gate

So, I'm really not the type of person who gets into Irish/Celtic stuff, but this Celtic knot gate is pretty awesome

Steps to the garden at Ballygally Castle in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Celtic: Steps to the garden at Ballygally Castle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

secret garden secret door

Ive always adored the secret garden on the secret garden movie this wld b great for future garden. get an old door, place it against a fence or wall, grow ivy or bushes around it. Need a cool door handle too.

From the moment I saw The Secret Garden, I have loved the thought of a gated "secret garden" entrance ;)

Humble door to a secret garden; photo by Paul Taylor. Patio design idea - Home and Garden Design Ideas Obelisk + white clematis autumn

Secret Garden...

I love this picture. The metal gate protecting the delicate flower, but the rose bush isn't defenseless. I love how it looks like the flower is peeking out a window.