love David Austin roses! William Morris, Old English Rose

William Morris' David Austin Old English Rose. English roses are a group of roses introduced in 1969 by the English rose hybridizer David Austin. They have the full flower form and fragrance of old roses but bloom repeatedly and come in more colors.

Oxalis palmifrons

Oxalis palmifrons hails from the deserts of South Africa. This oxalis looks like a giant green snowflake.


Camellia is a broadleaf woody plant native to South Eastern Asia, Bhutan, Japan and China. The name Camellia honors the Jesuit priest Georg Joseph Kamel, a Czech who contributed to the growing science of botany.


Succulent (via Velveteen Swirl) Chandelier plant (Kalanchoe tubiflora) These berries have the uncanny appearance of eyes looking right back at you as you study the image! Kind of creepy, in a way!

✯ Sirus Auricula

Inspirational Flower Quotes to Motivate

Jungle cactus Selenicereus... They open just before sunset and later have a very strong perfume.

- electricorchid: The rick rack cactus. The rick rack cactus (Selenicereus anthonyanus) is a rare epiphyte from the rainforests of southern Mexico. Its stunning flowers open at dusk, to be visited by moths and bats.

Actinidia (variegated kiwi-vine) gardening, landscaping, plantings, color

Actinidia (variegated kiwi-vine) gardening, landscaping, plantings, color I am gonna plant one:)

USA, California, Death Valley National Park

"USA, California, Death Valley National Park“ by Danita Delimont - detail of phacelia plant in bloom. >>> More for the Fairy Garden!

Salpiglossis sinuata 'Bolero'

Painted Tongue: Salpiglossis sinuata 'Bolero' // Great Gardens & Ideas // Up close, the design on the petals almost looks like a the wing of a butterfly.


Camellia Michelle's Herbal Products, MHPs uses Camellia tea seed oil in their products.


A collection of more than 800 Primula auricula culitvars including a National Collection® of Border auriculas.