Sempervivum calcareum - this plant reminds me of a quilt ... it might be interesting to plant one across a miniature "bed" for effect ************************************************ (repin) - #garden #art

Sempervivum Plant - Calcareum A pretty alpine plant. Spreading mats of fleshy rosettes. Amongst the easiest of plants to grow, they will tolerate heat, drought and neglect and still manage to thrive! Looks like a crocheted blanket

kalanchoe luciae

Who knew that stess (less water.more heat turn succulents red, K luciae (c) need for my garden

Succulent Wall

Succulents on Thomas Hobbs' garden wall as seasonal display; Sempervivum, Pachypodum, etc // Saxon Holt/PhotoBotanic

Conophytum bilobum

Conophytum bilobum - Living Pebble is a robust groundcover succulent plant, stemless or with short stems with time. Paired leaves are.

Conophytum ursprungianum by f.arias, via Flickr

Mesembs - Conophytum ursprungianum Messembs of the species Conophytum ursprungianum (Caryophyllales - Aizoaceae) are dwarf succulents with exquisite markings. These plants native to South Africa are variably caespitose (tufted), with single or double.

Conophytum ursprungianum by f.arias, via Flickr

This is such a cool succulent! This one is called Conophytum ursprungianum. With the wonderful world of succulents, you can mimic an underwater garden Colorful DIY succulents Drought Friendly Drought Tolerant California Garden