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Gilda Giovanoni

Gilda Giovanoni
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DIY Firefly Lamp-Craft by Photo - DIY Firefly Lamp is a craft tutorial in which a tin can has drilled holes, is painted, and is illuminated by a strand of light…

Filtros de café coloridos na decupagem das garrafas

Colored coffee filters in decoupage bottles Coffee filters stained with aniline and the result of the bottles of Mari Vidal is striking.

Pesquisador ensina como parar de fumar em apenas 2 semanas usando bicarbonato de sódio | Cura pela Natureza

Smoking is very bad for the health. Giving up smoking will give you benefits to your health which will far outweigh any positives for remaining a smoker. Cigarettes' smoke contains large number of carcinogens that are not only harmful to t.