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Stunning art work and architecture in this abandoned castle in Poland.

Amazing art work and architecture in this abandoned castle in Poland. No longer abandoned. I'm moving in.

A linha férrea abandonada Petite Ceinture (Estrada de Ferro "Pequeno Cinto") passa através do Parc (Parque) Montsouris, no 14° distrito de Paris, capital da França.

A place to explore in Paris. The abandoned Petite Ceinture Railway Line (“Little Belt Railway”) passing through the Parc Montsouris in the Arrondissement of Paris, France.

Adoro lista. Lista de compra, lista de filmes, tintas que usei no cabelo, lista de exERROR  Enfim, separei aqui vinte lugares abandonados HIPER dignos de serem locação de qualquer filme lindo. Já separei meus favoritos para: apocalipse zumbi, refilmagem de alice, nova aventura da lara... (Leia +)

Featured in Art and Architecture. Mossy stairways in Paronella Park, Queensland, Australia (by wollmatt). posted by Nefeli Aggellou

Bloso Outdoor is an  abandoned outdoor sports facility near the Belgium village of Hofstade.

Bloso Outdoor is an outdoor sports facility near the Belgium village Hofstade. This is the place of the well known abandoned outdoor swimming pool with it’s characteristic buildings.

43 fotos incríveis de locais abandonados. Eu não sabia que bicicleta dava em árvore.

***Overgrown Palace, Poland*** - In this palace was built as a home for Polish Royalty. Under Communist rule, the palace became an agricultural school & a home for mentally handicapped adults/children. The palace was deserted after the fall of the USSR.

designer italiano Carlo Mollino

Nardi-Giannini 750 Bisiluro By Carlo Mollino, 1955

100% ART

Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing - dad working on one of these right now. MFU has worked on a few of these in the past as well

Steve McQueen's Ford GT40 1968 Gulf/Mirage sold at Pebble Beach for 11 millions.

From that magic era where Ford and Ferrari were fighting toe-to-toe in the racing world, this stellar Gulf/Mirage Lightweight Racing Car, chassis is ready to roll onto the auction block at Monterey …

Pegaso Z102 1953

1953 Pegaso Thrill***Research for possible future project.

blogAuriMartini: Os carros mais bonitos do mundo

This amazing vehicle was originally owned by Clark Gable. It is a 1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing coupe. If you were watching the Barrett Jackson auto