r2d2 lunch bag

Lancheira Star Wars R2D2 com alto-falante

Made by the quality folks at Thermos, the lunchbag is nearly a foot tall. Foam insulation keeps your food fresh from morning packing until lunch time, when you'll want to push the button and show off the lights and sounds for all your friends.

r2-d2 popcorn bucket

Caneca e balde de pipoca do R2-D2

“Disney Star Wars Plastic Popcorn Bucket Drink Stein Set is a super versatile droid. Even hold your popcorn and your drink. This Disney Star Wars Plastic Popcorn Bucket Drink Stein Set is super cool and .

stromtrooper wedding cake

Bolo de casamento Stormtrooper Star Wars

Star Wars cake - Storm Trooper - For all your cake decorating supplies, please…


Bolsa AT-ATs

ThinkGeek :: Exclusive AT-AT Plush Utility Bag ----Can you say geeky/nerdy diaper bag!

darth vader cake pan

Forma de bolo no formato do rosto do Darth Vader

guita r2-d2

Guitarra R2-D2

Some guy named Doug built this awesome homemade guitar. That's about all we know of this guitar other than the fact that Doug is cool, the guitar is

Darth Vader usb memory drive

Pen Drive Darth Vader

USB Memory Drive in a Darth Vader original LEGO(r) minifigure

r2-d2 turntable

Vitrola R2-D2

Got an old turntable lying around? Why not geek it up and give it a new look like these guys did with their awesome inspired turntable mod.

bark at-at the moon shirt

Camiseta Bark AT-AT The Death Star

Star Wars skirt

Saia Star Wars : as fãs vão adorar

Star Wars sheet skirt- i was totally wondering what to do with my star wars sheets.

star wars crayon belt

Cinto de giz de cera do Star Wars

stormtrooper robe

Roupão do Stormtrooper

Had to post one more.it's the Storm Trooper hooded bathrobe from Star Wars. Buy This You Must! The hooded Yoda star wars bathrobe. Seriously,,,it doesn't get much cooler than this!

casual friday TShirt

Camiseta “Stormtrooper Casual Friday”

little star school : unibricks x unnolovers

Edição limitada Little Star School: Unibricks x Innolovers Star Wars

little star school : unibricks x unnolovers

vader and son book

Livro: “Darth Vader and son” por Jeffrey Brown