ninja mug

Caneca Ninja: “trust me I´m an ninja”

boombox mug

Caneca Boombox para os amantes da música

robot tea infuser

Infusor de chá no formato de robô

armed with technology tea infuser is robot hanging swimming inside cup of tea, adorable robot tea infuser. gift ideas for the technology lover robot gifts

Caneca R2-D2

Caneca R2-D2 com tampa para manter o líquido na temperatura ideal

Star Wars Coffee Mug With Lid For The Caffeinated Geek - haha! I'd use this for bringing coffee/tea to school!

Caneca Robocop

Caneca Robocop: Robocup

In case you hadn't heard, Robocop is marching his way back into theaters next month, ready to save dystopian future Detroit once again, although he'd proba

Caneca 3D Doctor Who Dalek

Caneca 3D Doctor Who Dalek

tetris heat changing mug

Caneca Tetris: muda de cor de acordo com a temperatura

tetris heat changing mug

explosão de espresso

Caneca “Explosão de Espresso”

Caneca Tank Up

Caneca Tank Up: enchendo “o tanque” de bebida

Throw your old coffee mug out the window, it’s now obsolete! The tank meter coffee mug is a heat sensitive coffee mug that will displays its “fuel” level .

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