V40 renovado da Volvo Cars

Volvo (facelift Hp) Restricted Start/Stop ,autodata , Fuel consumption / economy - urban: , Fuel consumption / economy - extra urban: , Power: 190 hp

Novo Volvo V90

I love the new Volvo SUV. I also love the new Volvo sedan. But while much of Volvo's recent success has come from that SUV, Volvo's heritage — and much of the company's greatest successes.

Sensores Ford LiDAR e controle inteligente de velocidade

Recently, under the cover of night, a Ford Fusion Hybrid autonomous research vehicle with no headlights on navigated along lonely desert roads, performing

Ford Fusion 2017: tecnologia semiautônoma (acelera/freia) automaticamente

New Stop-and-Go Technology for the 2017 Ford Fusion