"Lotta Nieminen | Beautified" in Interactive

Inspiration for logo and "page" display: cleaness…. Beautified Branding and interface design for Beautified, an app that helps find and book last-minute beauty appointments from a curated group of top-tier salons and spas.

Folding Examples | UI Design Elements

Creative UI Design Examples for Great UX

This user interface drew my attention through its creative way of interacting by "folding" the screen. It is an innovative and intuitive way to move from one screen to the next.

Gorgeous loader

Loader 02 WIP (Animation)

Alarm Clock by Rick Waalders

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SHADOW - Quantified... errr Understood Self App

Why Dream Capture Is The Next Phase Of The Quantified Self Trend

Amazing app icons

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A Washington Riddle: What Is ‘Top Secret’?

A Washington Riddle - ‘Top Secret’?

App Smart: Stargazing

App Smart: Stargazing