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"Lucille" is the name of Gibson Guitar donated by King Blue "BB KING". "Received this name because of a show where aconteu a fire fight with two men because a woman named Lucille.Eis baptism and the meaning the name of the instrument. Guitar Pics, Guitar Solo, Cool Guitar, Jazz Blues, Blues Music, Mississippi, Guitar Classes, Writing Photos, Bb King
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To B or not to B - King

if everything was as simple as music..... there are persons who perhaps should be Presidents, Ministers, Kings, and unfortunately are not. Today the living King of blues left us, with the burden of so many blues lyrics that life brought to him and to many other outhere. Culture is a value to be treasured, governments should definitely pay more attention to it. Long live the King.

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As Aristoteles foresighted, in my personal point of view, and as a conclusion, all citizens should have, by default, an highly degree of freedom and for that should be responsible and their leaders as well. The problem is that we can't have unbalanced weights in the same scale. Lets take tyranny forms/shapes in any way, mostly have resulted in decayed societies; Even the greatest empires didn't last, because at some point someone lost their focus on what was essential at that time, being…

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Mental note ... to remind myself that easter, should be a time for reflection and refrain consumption voracity.... we really can't tell what is beneath our skin until we get to the next layer.... at this onion peeling like lifetime, where each layer is taken faster than the previous, there's seems to be an amorphous rules set for humans, that more than ever, doesn't seem to fit or adapt easily to person mundane needs. Being or remaining original not easy due to constant marketing bombing…

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Poetry day metaphor

what has been yesterday can be another way as relative as speed of light with no one out of the sight the same story is old where the search is only for a context where truth seems gold. so above this word lake under a same puzzled sky drew in light blue fake washed away in dark paint where souls pray and faint there is reason of some kind but maybe i'm so wrong or maybe i'm so wright just a trick of my mind another beam of an Architect's light. Gallardo (as for the Poetry day personal…

The Division Bell is the fourteenth studio album by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd, released on 28 March 1994 by EMI Records i. The Division, Cd Pink, Pink Floyd Marooned, Pink Floyd Cd, Pink Floyd Album Covers, Writing Photos, Indie, Backing Tracks, Columbia Records
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Hawking - over physic

Stephen Hawking - Unbelievable great mind; Which beyond his QI gave much people a lesson of resilience and achievement. Pay my homage here. In a time where there are so much means, and everything's has less meaning, despite words pouring everywhere, communication is key we get along in this "small" planet. Though "there's a silence surrounding me" "make sure we keep talking..." - Stephen Hawking @Pink Floyd keep talking The Division Bell

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"Sun" of a gun

There's some kind of shadow in the exterior acts that, as a both way cynicism, keep randomly appearing. These grey areas that developed countries like to ignore, are, in my opinion, just human affairs, pretending what they want, when (redundantly) in reality our own reality just don't allows us to be otherwise. (dissimulation, cynicism, backstage maneuvers) From ancient times we just live by war affair; Firstly, by our own inner fight that keep clashing when facing real world. Such struggle…


I've occasionally came across some thought of this large metaphor which search engines are in. Human race since the beginning of times, tried to find answers, to their inquietude and with it, go further. So it makes the web based search engines, the human extensions means to get the answers, of such unsatisfactory endless search. Actually someone could name search engines, Dissatisfaction Repository (DIREP) .... not quite appealing though.... 😏.

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No info = ninfo (satiriasis)?

Nowadays, there is so much info that easily anyone gets puzzled, or with at least a doubtless opinion :) so many information sources, so many opinion makers, so many words.....and what about its speed, range, subjects ...arghhhh Its really insane, trying to understand what is really going on; One says one thing, the other say other. One know that is a ruthless batlle to take a side on the way. Lets take Siria.... how ,much of the recent images are propaganda? but i'm not a journalist, nor an…

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The Greek Solution

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Charlie Brown and Snoopy ♥ Peanuts gang classic dancing scene Peanuts Gang, Peanuts Cartoon, Cartoon Tv, Peanuts Comics, Peanuts Christmas, Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown And Snoopy, Christmas Cartoons, Christmas Dance
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all the world .... happy holiday time

May all your wishes come true!

 the values extinction

Word (wordossaurius).... the values extinction

"you have my word" "lets handshake" "i promise..." This could have several readings, and of course everyone (depending on its environment) has its own conception, but to keep it simple, although it can have different contexts, i'm referring to the business one... its incredible how easy it is nowadays, to change commitments under the promise, or the "word" for it..... so it is worth very little.... even from the people that you can actually know, for instance friends.... (or supposed…

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searching for intelligence signs.....

"After (....) years of searching the skies for signs of intelligence beyond Earth..." - ah ah ah- this is too presumptuous....try to find any in earth first .... that would be an hard challenge! All of this media fanaticism and pseudo regulated markets.... there is hardly a way to escape from the so called modern society's web. Citizens-Interest Groups,Lobbying - Politics - Laws - Citizens this closed circuit trends to lead to few persons interests.... which might not be representative, but…

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We've been watching interesting evolution throughout the years, but none, yet, have been capable to answer the ultimate(s) human desires, which can typically possibly be.... who's the creator where do we came from where do we heading to can we live forever are we "alone" in the universe ... and much other of course and although there are lots of multi level research, it all serves the purpose of cumulative experiences towards awareness (i think) and to keep us also distracted during our…

3D THOUGHT: Bankless


Much i've been telling about essential values that should make part of our lives, or deeper .. written in our DNA. Unfortunately there are purposely awful mistakes and misunderstandings that keep the world constantly beating itself for some of the same challenges. the early 20s crisis took some of its causes from political and economic power and greed. Although todays markets interdependency and business speed are definitely a key to prospect and foresight, one must not comprise society…

3D THOUGHT: the EURO thing

the EURO thing

There's something in the way that simply puzzles me; For instance, this last sunday there has been elections for the european parliament, yet, so few subjects have been discussed about europe. As so many have wrote about it, these are mere local intermediate elections. Lets see: there hasn't been public debate, the usual marketing flyers are composed by internal slogans, public appearances of the main candidates, are just fait divers ... its a mind game, which citizens don't approve at all…