Organised pantry that uses every inch of available shelf space with the right-sized storage containers do that everything is neat & organised

Quarto de visitas com home office

Sofá-cama, bicama e móveis práticos para receber

lavanderia organizada

Minha Casa Renovada: reforma completa da área de serviço em 15 dias

Organized cleaning cupboard - vacuum, cleaning supplies, ironing board, sweeping brush etc

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Home office and Study space for kids to do homework while parents work

Armário lavanderia/cozinha

I never thought of this. GREAT place to put a utility closet. Cleaning storage in laundry room. Love this utility closet for the vacuum and other cleaning supplies for the mudroom.

Organizar e Decorar Área de Serviço

Features: Built-In Ironing Board - Cut down on your ironing time with an ironing board that’s always read to go. Hang a wall-mount ironing board near an outlet and store the iron nearby. Simply fold down the board when you’re ready to iron.

Organização da Lavanderia