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"Listen up, I know you’re excited and the swings look so enticing, but you’ve got to wait your turn. Never mind that you’re 28 years old.  Such is the scene at the adult playground, Boston’s latest urban activity sensation in the Seaport District. People are flocking to the three-acre site adjacent to the Boston Convention and Exhibitors Center, with its set of 20 lighted oval swings, bocce, ping pong, beanbag toss, Adirondack chairs, a sound stage, and open-air bar."  We want to go there!

The wildly successful Lawn on D Street is a temporary park that took no tedious city planning. Should we let more urban design emerge organically? Adult playgrounds-YES!

accessible playground equipment.  >>> See it. Believe it. Do it. Watch thousands of spinal cord injury videos at

The Accessible Power Lifter Chinning Bar, part of the Evos playsystem from Landscape Structures, makes it easy for children of all abilities to use this fun and exciting commercial playground equipment.

playground equipment for special needs kids | Outdoor play equipment should be accessible to all children. A level ...

This is one of my favorite pins. It is an adaptive playground set for children with disabilities. Playing on the playground was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. This should be a piece of equipment that is put in every park.

The Liberty Swing makes the classic heart-fluttering feeling of a playground swing available to those with disabilities as accommodates all sorts of wheelchairs and also has a fold-down seat and seatbelt for users who are not in a wheelchair. Since it can take up to 550 pounds, adults can use it too

Student: in wheelchairs Environment: Playgrounds Task: Swinging Tools: This allows for students who are in wheelchairs to be able to be on the swing set and get to experience the swing sets even while in the wheelchair.