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Vinícius Fontes
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Phoenix.... es un enorme pájaro envuelto en llamas. Se cree que fue el único animal del Edén que resistió la tentación, y esto lo convirtió en un ser eterno.

is a huge bird in flames. It is believed that was the only animal of Eden who resisted temptation, and this made him an eternal being.


Prester (Medieval Europe) - These fiery snakes look like ordinary snakes until they bite a victim. Their poison burns inside the veins of the victims and in the end the victim bursts into flames from the inside out. They are also immune to heat and fire.

funkysafari: “Paradise flying snake (chrysopelea paradisi) by AngiWallace ”

Paradise flying snake aka Paradise Tree snake can glide from trees(chrysopelea paradisi)Asia

Scorpion  Tag your friends below  | Photography by @ bush  cow  #wildlifeanmls

Mrs Rubio said she was a regular old rock scorpion robbing chickens out of Inces farm.