p/ 1 porção: 1 banana, 1/2 limão, 1/2 xic agua, 1/2 punhado hortelã, 3 pedras de gelo, adoçante

Smoothie de Banana e limão!

Saturday Sips! Flavored Water - Blackberry + Sage. Tags from Evermine {www.evermine.com}

Saturday Sips! Flavored Waters

Blackberry sage infused water 20 Infused Water “Recipes” - Style Me Pretty Living

Ice Cubes for Cocktails

GET FANCY WITH ICE CUBES! Add Herbs or Fruit to Your Ice Cubes. I love the iced tea ice cubes! Or the mint sprigs in the ice cubes to flavor your tea. Caramel/hazelnut milk cubes adds a special flare to ur iced coffee!

3 Recetas para hacer aguas saborizadas

What could be better to quench that thirst than a cool cup of refreshing vitamin water? It’s simple to make, healthier than sugary juices, and brightens up the fridge.